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We will then you a Zoom link for online sessions. Accessibility modification request? Contact Amy Kinch. This will be particularly helpful to those just starting their faculty careers. Claudine Cellier and Tom McClintock from the Office of the Provost will lead you step by step through the process in Submittable and answer your questions.

Invest just a few minutes each day to watch a short LinkedIn Learning video mins from October and learn some helpful and powerful Excel formulas and functions. Then move onto using PivotTables.

Sex dating in Tamarack

This challenge is deed for those who are already familiar with basic Excel formulas, although anyone is welcome. As a UM employee, you are a mandatory reporter of sex-based harm, including discrimination on the basis of sex, sexual harassment, sexual assault, stalking, dating and domestic violence, and sexual exploitation.

Sex dating in Tamarack

To ensure you understand your responsibility, the Equal Opportunity Office will be offering trainings over the coming months on how to identify, respond to, and report such conduct. Attending this training is encouraged for all UM employees. Claudine Cellier and Tom McClintock from the Office of the Provost will lead you step by step through the process and answer your questions. Would your team say that they feel comfortable and satisfied coming to work each day? Do you encourage continuous learning and growth within your team? Are you looking for ways to recognize and thank your employees?

This session is part of the Practical Leadership Skills for Managers program and counts toward completion of the Supporting Employee Success unit. Others are welcome to attend. This workshop explores the impact of pervasive stress and trauma during the unpredictability of the COVID pandemic.

How can we stay inspired, motivated, effective, and respectful — or at least grounded — during these unique times? Participants will deep dive into strategies for personal wellness — self-care vs. Participants will identify, explore, and create their own individual action plans related to their personal wellness — with the goal of increasing practical tools for enhanced wellness amidst a pandemic.

This session will be led by Dr. This two-part workshop series will focus on approaches to creating a diverse and inclusive learning environment. The workshops will cover inclusive excellence with a focus on Indigenous pedagogy and the Indigenous student experience. Using the foundation of the Four Rs Respect, Relevance, Reciprocity, and Responsibilitywe will guide faculty and staff in engaging conversations about creating and practicing inclusive pedagogy.

Presenter: Salena Beaumont Hill, Ph. LGBTQ students and employees often find campus environments to be unwelcoming and even hostile. People whose emotional and physical safety is at risk can experience fear and anxiety, isolation and invisibility, fear of disclosure and high levels of stress.

The goal of the University of Montana Allies Program UM Allies is to promote a campus environment that is inclusive and supportive of all individuals, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression. This training will include discussions and activities, information about privilege, oppression, and the LGBTQ community, and tips for how to be an effective ally. Participants will also receive a training manual that includes definitions, resource materials, and referral information for programs and services in the community.

This session is offered as part of the Practical Leadership Skills for Managers program. The February 11 workshop will focus on indigenous research methodologies, best practices for disseminating research in Native communities, and indigenous mentoring practices. Invest just a few minutes each day to watch a short LinkedIn Learning video mins from September and by the end of the month, you will have picked up many more Excel skills. Learn about formatting, making charts, a variety of formulas to make your work easier, and even begin using pivot tables.

Sex dating in Tamarack

RSVP to receive daily remindersor simply follow along using this calendar or using the Excel Essentials Training--for Busy People learning path. Jennifer Sauer and Tommy Martino, University Marketing and Communications, will discuss the important questions to consider before creating a social media for your UM unit, guidance on choosing the most effective platform, approaches for creating compelling content, and ways to build your audience. The UM community has access to Microsoft Teams, a communication and collaboration tool with chat, video meetings, and file sharing capabilities.

Sex dating in Tamarack

Teams is deeply integrated with many Microsoft tools that you may already use. You can use Teams to connect with your co-workers or use Teams as a course supplement for remote group work.

Sex dating in Tamarack

Alex Karklins, Applications Administrator in IT, will demonstrate the capabilities of Microsoft Teams and showcase some of its new features. The many challenges and concerns generated by Covid have taken a toll on the mental health of students and employees alike. How can we be prepared to offer effective support to students as they return to the classroom?

Sex dating in Tamarack

How can we promote student well being and encourage persistence? Kayli Julius, Wellness Director, and Tracee Anderson, Counseling Director, Curry Health Center, will discuss what to expect from students this fall and how to support their mental health and well being. Bring your questions and concerns.

Paula Short, Associate Vice President for Campus Preparedness and Response, and Jeff Adams, Director, Curry Health Center, will discuss how to respond to reports or disclosures of cases of Covid while protecting student and employee medical privacy. The Phyllis J. Washington College of Education invites you to a lecture by Dr. As universities grew from tiny rural outposts into modern bureaucratic behemoths, students denounced their instruction as dull, repetitive, and impersonal.

So reform efforts typically aimed to "personalize" it, via small-group activities and technological innovation. Paradoxically, these campaigns have improved the quality of teaching but have also inhibited its development as a field of expertise: the more we associate teaching with personal qualities and characteristics, the less "professional" it becomes.

We now have a growing body of knowledge about what constitutes good and bad teaching. The big question is whether we have the political and institutional will to alter our classrooms in accord with it. Office of Organizational Learning and Development. Tenure and Promotion Wednesday, September 29, p. Excel Functions and PivotTables: For Busy People Invest just a few minutes each day to watch a short LinkedIn Learning video mins from October and learn some helpful and powerful Excel formulas and functions.

Recent Past Sessions. Collaborating using Microsoft Teams Friday, September 24, p.

Sex dating in Tamarack

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