Personal Asistant needed

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Choose from any of the organized and efficient Taskers in New York City to be your extra pair of hands. I have lots of experience in this area and can assist you in getting all of your projects completed efficiently! I have a law degree and am a small business owner, so I have the background knowledge and skills to get your work done right. I am an office manager and an executive assistant for the ceo of the company. If I can handle him, I can handle anything above. I have experience from jobs as an office manager. Swamped with trying to juggle work, family, travel, side hustles, and everything else going on in your life?

Time-management, organization, and resourcefulness are three of my strongest attributes. I'll ensure your day goes as planned and you've got time to spare! I'll tackle any task with professionalism and learn to intuit your needs before you can ask! I've spent years assisting professionals to keep their projects in order. I have 7 years of executive assistant experience. I'm great at taking care of others and doing whats in their best interest.

Quick thinker. Everything was fine. Unfortunately, Access-A-Ride did not show up for the person she needed to take. She was very quick and professional. Great work. Collins was great. Absolutely would recommend. Personable, efficient and on-time. Would use again. Great tasker, the job was completed in a timely manner and he was very kind!

Nadja was great. She was engaged with my project and even though it was a bit too complicated in the end to complete, she was thorough and communicative. Thanks Nadja. Tyler is excellent. Tyler understood what was needed immediately, checked in daily, asked the right questions, and had a strong work ethic. I highly recommend him. Professional, kind, courteous, intelligent and a pleasure to work with.

Thank you! Leah was Awesome!! She was on time, prepared, focused and motivating.

Personal Asistant needed

She helped me organize, photograph, and detail items for sale into a spreheet. Thank you so much Leah!! Arrived on time and did a great job. Thank you. He went above and beyond to my ask completed, Drove over 6 hours. Kina did a great job getting our mugs shipped to our clients. She went to nearly 4 locations over 2 days to ensure they were shipped out, and I really appreciated her persistence. It was nice to get the task done, as I am located miles away and couldn't do it myself. Thank you, Kina! I will definitely work with him again.

Short of words here. Matthew did great work! I would hire him again for sure! Excellent worker, I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is disabled. She is excellent with the Blind. Lyndsay did an amazing job organizing my closet and unpacking after my move. She was friendly punctual and was able to make executive decisions while I worked online.

I was finally able to see my clothes again. I would highly recommend her. Sarah was great, focused, and knowledgeable about filing paperwork for an involved task. Highly recommend! This was my second time booking Arbed and as always a wonderful experience. She takes great care in approaching every task and anticipates ahead what is needed to make sure the overall goal is achieved!

Personal Asistant needed

Thank you so much! I requested a same day task, and within a couple of hours Lizette was on it. Incredibly reliable and communicative. I really enjoyed working with Brittany. She did the job perfectly without any issues. She is very friendly and helpful.

Personal Asistant needed

I highly recommend hiring her! Rafi was on time, personable and a pleasure to work with! Administrative and personal assistant experience working with different clients in NYC and well versed in tasks ranging from personal to professional and administrative errands. I am comfortable with home office work and have 1 year of office management work including answering phones, stocking snacks, ordering lunch, running errands, making copies etc.

I can help you ship packages. I have a had years of professional administrative responsibilities. I actually enjoy running errands and organizing paperwork. I am very detail oriented and don't find sometimes tedious tasks daunting. I am here for you. You need me to grab your coffee to get you started?

Want me to call and make appointments for you? You got too much on your plate? You can rely in my knack for attention to detail to save the day. I'm happy to coordinate with you to manage your workload: running errands, organizing paperwork, scanning or filing documents, gift wrapping items, or any other small tasks that will help to streamline your day.

I've been an artists assistant for a few years now and have worked on crew teams setting up for exhibitions and fairs. I'm really helpful and can work well on deadlines. I am efficient and professional and keep track of all tasks to completion. I have been an executive assistant for 14 yrs now. I'm a utility player: whatever position you need filled, I'm there, ready with a glove. Or a coffee. Whatever you need. I have had experience being an assistant for a organization.

Personal Asistant needed

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