Naked women in Thailand

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For many Thai women aspiring to work in the industry the reality is they will have to reveal their bodies to earn a living. About 30 students arranged in a circle face one another in a classroom studio. Canvases and brushes are in readiness for the arrival of the model. A young woman walks out from the changing room wearing only a gown. She saunters to the stool in the middle of the circle, removes her gown, sits down and puts on headphones to listen to music from her mobile phone. The classroom is dead silent.

Nothing moves but hands and brushes. Most importantly they cannot speak or act inappropriately toward the model. Ambition laid bare: Nuan, not her real name, has been in the modelling business for nearly 20 years and has no qualms about stripping off. When he was a student, the models he painted were go-go dancers and bar girls his instructor recruited from the Patpong area. Many times, they fainted or fell asleep while posing. Some are still in school.

Many do it to collect as much money as possible as long as their bodies allow. They feel their contribution is worth something. Her first taste of the entertainment industry came as a year-old vocational student when a television production team visiting her school gave her a part as an extra. The bit parts in films and TV shows continued when she was a teenager, paying baht per day.

Nuan said she could earn up to 10, baht a month and was proud she never had to ask her mother for money. One day, when she was wearing a swimsuit for a scene shot at a pool, another of the extras asked her if she was interested in posing in a bikini to promote a motorcycle company at a motor show. That job led to more contracts posing in scanty costumes. Her first nude photo shoot followed a year later. I looked 20 even though I was still a teenager. Tears flowed down my cheeks. I thought being sexy was so hard.

Nuan improved and more asments poured in, working as a sexy calendar girl for products including motorcycles, engine lubricants and paint. She continued her studies as a vocational student, but a teacher found out about her moonlighting. My friends at school liked my job though.

Naked women in Thailand

They got excited. As her profile and portfolio expanded, she was booked for nightclub work and bikini fashion shows. But with the increased exposure came increased verbal and physical abuse from male clients. I was wearing a bikini at the time and I just kicked him right in the face before he stopped. It all depends on how the clients deal with us or the intermediary or the modelling agency. Far right, students at another course draw in pencil while the finished product is inspected, below right.

Naked women in Thailand

Despite her two decades in the business, nothing could have prepared Nuan for the ruckus created by a job she was booked for earlier this year. Nuan claims she is one of the women in a controversial video of a naked gym romp that went viral earlier this year. The minute-long clip showed a group of women and six or seven middle-aged men dancing naked in a gym.

Police later identified the gym as the Ebi spa in Wang Thong Lang district. The men, who are wearing shorts or towels wrapped around their waists, are seen caressing at least two naked women. Nuan identified herself to Spectrum as the woman with red-tinted hair who is groped by two men.

She said she was contacted by a male intermediary who acts as an agent between the models and the clients, which include government officials, politicians and business leaders. Nuan and the other models were offered 25, baht to appear at the party, with the fee doubled if they agreed to go fully naked. It was not my first nude appearance in a gym.

Naked women in Thailand

After the video was released in mid-January, police searched the centre on Pracha Uthit Road which houses a spa, gym and massage rooms. The spa and fitness centre are only separated by a glass panel. Staging indecent acts carries a punishment of one to 10 years in jail, a fine of 2, to 20, baht, or both. Police also threatened to charge those seen naked in the clip with indecent exposure.

Pol Lt Col Sampan Luangsajjakul, deputy chief of the Wang Thong Lang station, said the gym owner was charged with supporting and facilitating obscenity. He said each of the girls was fined baht. None of the men in the clip have been fined or face charges.

Naked women in Thailand

Nuan declined to comment on whether she engaged in sexual activities with the clients, adding she could not speak for the other models. Outside of regular modelling and escort work, Nuan said the intermediary had contacted her many times to attend similar parties. She said she has entertained bankers and business leaders, and attended parties held inside a military barracks. But people seem to have forgotten about the clip now.

Naked women in Thailand

Thai people forget things so easily. Her training as an art student makes her the perfect intermediary between Mr Nawin and models like Nuan. At the magazine, Lek recalled hundreds of girls queuing up each month for a chance to have full-frontal and topless photos taken as part of the casting process. The opportunity to be featured is a big stepping stone in their careers.

There are also those who want to do it just because they want to be a model. She said these involved singing engagements, single or group dancing shows, stripteases, bikini runway shows and private parties.

Some parties last from midnight to dawn. Despite the indignities inherent with nude modelling work, Nuan barely hesitated when asked whether she would prefer earning a livelihood as a regular model. I like it. As she ages, Nuan knows her days as a model are drawing to a close. She has regular Botox injections, but is aware this cannot prolong her career forever. The most I earn isbaht a month. But I always have savings, always. Nuan is also in a strong relationship with a man she said is comfortable with her line of work. Mr Nawin said that commercial nudity has always been frowned upon by polite society, but a great deal of hypocrisy is involved.

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FROME, England: Concerns about pollution and the environment could see drone displays, such as the one featured in the Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony, replace fireworks as the light show of choice in the night sky. Other Services. The naked truth on nude models The naked truth on nude models For many Thai women aspiring to work in the industry the reality is they will have to reveal their bodies to earn a living.

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Naked women in Thailand Naked women in Thailand

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