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American Impressionism From its origins in Paris in the s, Impressionism made its way to the United States due in large part to the American artists who flocked to Europe, studying at one of the many schools that welcomed American students. The American Impressionists embraced many of the qualities that distinguished the style of painting, including a desire to record fleeting effects of sunlight and atmosphere, the use of bright areas of unblended color, thickly-applied paint, and the selection of simple landscapes and scenes of everyday life rather than narrative history paintings.

Some scholars argue that American Impressionists were less likely than their French counterparts to fully abandon their academic training, creating paintings with less fluid compositions. Select a work to read the gallery text.

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William Merritt Chase American,Octoberc. An influential art instructor as well as a practicing artist, he was an early proponent of painting outdoors, en plein airas the French Impressionists did. This philosophy informed his teachings at the summer school he founded in Shinnecock Hills on the eastern end of Long Island, where October was created. Select a new American work Select a new country.

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Frederick Carl Frieske, American, —Reflections Marcellebyoil on canvas, museum purchase, The model, a redhead named Marcelle who frequently posed for Frieseke, gazes serenely at her reflection. The viewer is placed in close proximity to her carefully rendered figure, which incorporates the serpentine curve embraced by centuries of artists as a hallmark of beauty. This work is one of only two paintings of nudes acquired for Telfair by Gari Melchers. Bernice Frost Bullard, Frieseke describes the landscape in broken brushstrokes of pure color, which dissolve concrete form in shimmering sunlight.

The purple shadows and the bright orange coloring of the translucent parasol suggest brilliant sunshine. His inclusion of a garden pool with water lilies is a subtle reminder of his deep respect for the venerated French artist. Like several other paintings in this exhibition, this work was acquired in as a bequest from Telfair trustee Elizabeth Millar Bullard. Frederick Carl Frieseke American, —The Hammockbyoil on canvas, museum purchase, At this point, Frieseke had completely absorbed the Impressionist technique, adopting softer colors and looser brushwork while emphasizing the effects of natural light.

In The Hammockthe predominant periwinkle blue color suggests the cool shade of the tree, while the vivid white spots indicate the sunlight filtering through the leaves. Frederick Carl Frieseke American, —The Hammockbyoil on board, museum purchase, In it, Frieseke captured the dramatic dappled sunlight and various shades of blue that distinguish the final composition. Childe Hassam American, —Brooklyn Bridge in Winter, oil on canvas, museum purchase, Like the French Impressionists, Hassam was committed to portraying contemporary subjects drawn from daily life, and the city of New York provided him with ample inspiration.

Melchers began collecting work by Hassam and other American artists immediately upon beginning his association with the museum; prior to Melchers, the collection was almost all work by European artists. Many works in the flag series demonstrate a powerful emphasis on abstract de, patterning, and asymmetry.

For instance, in Avenue of the AlliesHassam utilizes a high vantage point, complex surface pattern, and dramatic vertical recession to unify the various pictorial elements into one striking de. Edward Karow, William Merritt Chase offered a summer art class in one such rural art colony, located in Shinnecock, Long Island, where Charles Hawthorne was a pupil. InHawthorne established a community in Provincetown on Cape Cod, which remains a vital art colony today. He practiced law for several years before deciding in to move to Europe to pursue a career in art. There, he and American artist Gari Melchers founded the Egmond school, which is associated with sunlit Dutch landscapes and genre scenes featuring traditionally costumed figures.

Ernest Lawson American, B. Canada,Stuyvesant Square in Winterc. This painting combines the feathered brushwork of the Impressionists with urban subject matter linking Lawson to the Ashcan artists. The picturesque parks of Manhattan attracted many artists, but Stuyvesant Square was less known and rarely appears in paintings from this period.

He has convincingly captured the sparkling haze of the twilight atmosphere, dotting the canvas with flicks of vibrant color in a myriad of hues. There, he and artist George Hitchcock created the first critically acclaimed paintings of their careers, many inspired by the daily lives of their Dutch neighbors.

Willard Leroy Metcalf American, —Buttercup Time, oil on canvas, museum purchase, Metcalf was celebrated for his evocative landscape paintings, many of which depicted his native New England. In Buttercup TimeMetcalf utilized a bright palette, loose brushstrokes, and an informal composition to capture a sparkling field of flowers on a summer afternoon in New England. Peterson studied and traveled extensively in Europe, including a six-month period during which she studied and worked in Madrid alongside Spanish artist Joaquin Sorolla, whose vibrant use of color proved highly influential to Peterson.

Edward W. Redfield American, —Center Bridge in Winterc. There he worked out his personal approach to Impressionism, which was to make him one of the most successful painters in America. By shaping blobs of paint into tactile masses which form the dried grasses, haystack, slushy snow, trees, buildings, and sky, Redfield recorded his vision of Center Bridge in Winter. A retiring man who eschewed all public notice of his art, Ryder nevertheless established a strong reputation as a landscape artist, selling his work through a well-known New York art dealer.

The moisture-laden clouds and earth promise the renewal of life and lend the painting an understated optimism. Grace Cochrane Sanger American, c. She spent her adulthood in the Baltimore area, where she was known as a skilled portrait painter and illustrator. In Woman with Red ParasolSanger demonstrates her aptitude for experimenting with color, using vibrant shades of orange, purple, yellow, blue and green. Mouth of the Seine depicts a scene in the French seaside resort of Honfleur; however, the artist is far more concerned with color, composition, and structure than with the specific rendering of a particular location.

The subdued, tonalist color palette creates a hazy atmosphere, and the landscape lacks any easily identifiable landmarks. The composition is anchored by the two boats and their corresponding reflections in the calm water. Here, he reimagines the composition of his oil painting by the same title on view to the right in the simplified, monochromatic medium of etching.

Perhaps cognizant of the fact that Savannah would not have provided a warm reception to the most radical of the modern French artists, Melchers moderated his selection by purchasing works that were decisively modern in style but that stopped short of being truly radical. As a result, while the quality of these paintings is very high, their creators are not as well known today as they were during their lifetimes. Paul Albert Besnard French,Waterfall, c.

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Dedicated to modern taste, the gallery contained a series of rooms decorated by contemporary artists. Paul Albert Besnard was commissioned to decorate the circular salon, which included these three panels and eight additional wall panels as well as an illusionistic ceiling panel. The human presence is dwarfed by the awesome scale of the mountains, which tower majestically above the viewer.

Originally purchased for Telfair Museums by Gari Melchers, these panels were deaccessioned in the midth century. A generous donor later acquired them, had them conserved, and donated them back to the museum in the s. Select a new French work Select a new country.

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The other, Reflections Marcelle is also on view in this exhibition. He simply did not want to part with it, and only today at a luncheon party did he give in. His early, more academic work often portrayed fantastic mythological and biblical scenes, but in the early twentieth century he turned his attention to contemporary life and produced lively images of socialites at play.

Calme Blanc demonstrates how du Gardier and many other academic artists adopted the contemporary subject matter, broken brushstrokes, and bright palette of the Impressionists. Stranded in a calm sea, a party of elegantly dressed figures awaits the return of the wind.

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The large canvas is daringly composed; the perspective is from the deck of the boat and the view of the vessel itself is severely cropped. Gaston La Touche, French, —Ballet Dancersbybody color, pastel on canvas, museum purchase, A line of dancers in white tutus form a semi-circle on the left side of the canvas, while the two men on the right stand across from the semi-circle, gesturing at the dancers.

Artistic success came early to Henri Martin. Martin first exhibited at the Salon in and was awarded a first-class medal at the Salon. Baldwin, Alexander R. Lawton, William W. Mackall, and J. Florance Minis He completed numerous official government portraits, commemorative pictures, and grandiose public murals. After his style began to reflect the influence of French Impressionism, evidenced by a brighter palette and relaxed brushstrokes.

He became fascinated with sunlight, often making preliminary sketches outdoors to capture the light more accurately. He stirs his coffee while offering the remains of his luncheon to a chicken below. Sunlight filters through the trees, forming bright pools on the grass and tablecloth. This pleasant portrayal of a gentleman at leisure, incorporating fleeting effects of sunlight, vivid color, and loose brushwork, is characteristic of the subject matter for which the artist is best known.

The composition is anchored by the strong diagonal of the quayside road, which plunges back toward the city buildings in the distance. The overcast sky conveys the cold, damp chill of winter, and mingles with the smoke of portside industry in the distance. Unlike most of the works in this exhibition, which were museum purchases selected by art advisor Gari Melchers, this delicate drawing is one of a small of artworks that Melchers personally gifted to the museum innear the end of his life.

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German Impressionism Despite or perhaps because ofits popularity in Paris, Impressionism took nearly two decades to receive widespread acceptance in Germany. Tensions between Germany and France following the Franco-Prussian war led to reduced contact between the two nations and a consequent reduction in the interchange of artistic ideas.

Even after the Impressionist style of painting became popular among German artists, these artists contended with public disapproval from Kaiser Wilhelm II. Stylistically, the German Impressionists are known for their use of a darker, more somber color palette than their French counterparts. Melchers had strong ties to Germany; his father was born there, and Melchers received some of his earliest artistic training in Dusseldorf. All acquired between andseveral of the paintings in this section portray Dutch subjects, perhaps a nod to the fact that Melchers was primarily living and working in the Netherlands during this period.

She continued her studies in Munich, Germany, where she associated with many other Polish artists who had also left their home country to pursue their artistic careers. Melchers often used his status as a fellow artist to negotiate favorable prices for Telfair. Select a new German work Select a new country. Theodor Hagen German, —Abend in den Feldern Evening in the Fieldsbyoil on canvas, museum purchase, Abend in den Feldern is a study of evening light on the fields of Weimar.

The soft yellows of the sky blend with the silvery green and lavenders of the fields, producing the gentle effect of dimming light and the onset of evening. Two small figures cross the fields, but they are so inificant that the painting easily becomes an abstract composition of color harmonies.

Hans Herrmann German, —Amsterdam—, oil on canvas, museum purchase, In Herrmann ed Melchers and George Hitchcock in Holland, and although he visited Holland periodically throughout his life, he returned to live in Berlin in The painting is a view of a Dutch street with vendors and a female shopper; the predominant color is grayish brown, with only minor highlights of white, red, lavender and yellow.

The subject, a Dutch peasant girl eating an apple in a casual, unstudied pose, demonstrates the early 20th-century German taste for Dutch genre scenes that represent the working class. Kuehl, who studied art in Dresden and Munich, was an early proponent of Impressionism in Germany.

Raphael Lewisohn German, —Pasturage in the Dunes, oil on canvas, museum purchase, Melchers lived and worked in the small Dutch fishing village of Egmond from to ; this work must have appealed to Melchers for both its vivid coloration and its Dutch subject. Like many of his colleagues, Oppler was eventually drawn to Holland and spent the period of through at Sluis, in the southwestern portion of the country.

After moving to Berlin inOppler came under the influence of painter Max Liebermannknown for his depictions of life in orphanages, workhouses, and homes for the elderly. This painting, which depicts a tennis match in the dunes of the Belgian seaside resort town of Ostend, was purchased for the Telfair by Gari Melchers in from the estate of renowned collector Hugo Reisinger In front of the dunes tennis courts are laid out, and fenced in with high protective nettings, and a gaily dressed collection of summer sojourners at the famous resort are gathered on all sides watching the contestants in a game.

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