Looking for asap hosting

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The website files and mySQL databases are hosted there and our large files that our customers download are located on our Amazon S3. I have attempted to look into Amazon for webhosting, but they offer so many services and options that my head is spinning from the confusion. InMotion has got to go because its like every other week our site goes down and is not accessible.

It's getting to the point where we have had enough. All we want to do now is host the website and the files in one place, and keep it simple. We are willing to pay for superior service. I hear great things about Web Synthesis. They're dedicated to hosting Wordpress sites.

Looking for asap hosting

O'RourkeTech is an IT service provider. I use amazon to host my wordpress site and it works well. You can pay in advance for a year or three year term for an instance. If you want to try a small server on EC2 I actually wrote a guide to it using a micro instance but if you change the instance size and type you could easily make it suit your needs and add a load balancer and a second instance for redundancy, etc. This is a lot of maintenance and setup and not really turn-key although it is cool.

Looking for asap hosting

Although the new website is wordpress, we also host about 16 other sites that are not wordpress. And several databases that are GB each, so a "Wordpress specific host" is not very accurate to our needs. I will take a look at your links. Unfortunately, cPanel is required because we do not use exchange, and we rely on the cPanel for setting up and maintaining our s. Also, do not want to go "all in" to setting up our own hosted Linux VM which is what I do personally because of maintenance and other responsibilities that are required with that. We prefer cPanel for its easy to use GUI and overall functionality.

Now that I see the expanded needs the Amazon EC2 guide I linked would be the equivalent of dipping your toe in the water. I just ed up for the free "trial" for EC I also saw Amazon has a CloudLinux with cPanel option as well. XMission is known for it's great uptime and awesome customer support. They also are known for not giving into government requests to access your data. Z If you stayed with Amazon, you could always install CPanel yourself. Also looking at rackspace, they seem to have amazing services, but it may be overkill for what we need.

I also sent a support to amazon asking the same questions and stating our needs, I will post a summary of their response here when I hear back. Verticsoft, Inc is an IT service provider. I can give you a dedicated virtual server Windows or Linux on a VMware platform for you to manage or we can manage it for you. We're a small company, nowhere near the size of Rackspace or XMission, but the server is yours. Tranquil Hosting offers good services, worth looking into if you want quality services but aren't looking to pay for the brand name as well.

Sounds like you're more exploring the hands off route when it comes to the back-end management. Rackspace is great as well, they're certainly up there in the top brand tier, but expect to pay a slight increase for it. My main requirement is to have multiple data centers so that we can offer redundancy to our clients.

Since so far, no web hosts seem to offer this type of service that I can tellI may end up doing a "dual" type setup. This one may be a stretch, but it could keep cost down and it would still provide the redundancy I am seeking. So, if a user on the west coast downlo our files, they access the West coast data center, and if an East coast user downlo our files, they get it from the nearest East coast data center.

If web hosts do not offer this type of service, perhaps its time they look into it. It would be a great selling point. To continue this discussion, please ask a new question. Get answers from your peers along with millions of IT pros who visit Spiceworks. We are seeking a new host for our website. ly, our website had crazy requirements per the last dev.

Can anyone with experience with hosting a website with Amazon help me out? Or can anyone suggest a legit hosting company that can meet my requirements? Edited Jan 24, at UTC. BMoore This person is a verified professional. Verify your to enable IT peers to see that you are a professional. Also, we are not looking for "Cheap Web Hosting". Bryce Katz This person is a verified professional.

I am looking into websynthesis and will see if they can meet our needs. Thanks everyone for the suggestions, I will be doing some research for a while on this. I am looking into Amazon's Route 53 service. Pure Capsaicin. If they do, they are taking you for a ride. I like how our Amazon S3 hosts the files from the users nearest datacenter. BMoore wrote: My main requirement is to have multiple data centers so that we can offer redundancy to our clients. This appears to be because you are blending concepts.

A web host and a VPS aren't the same thing. One is SaaS and the other is IaaS. If you are looking for a web host, you might find what you want but unlikely but if you are seeking VPS which appears to be your focus, you most definitely will not since that has to be handled at the application layer so they can't do this for you.

BMoore wrote: Can anyone with experience with hosting a website with Amazon help me out? Amazon doesn't provide web hosting. They are an IaaS provider.

Looking for asap hosting

It's pure play utility computing so you always pay for what you use. This makes them the cheapest, normally, but unpredictable. That's the nature of keeping the price low, unfortunately, to make it flat they'd have to charge more.

Looking for asap hosting

Amazon, Rackspace, IBM, etc. I don't know any IaaS provider that you would have heard of that don't offer that.

Looking for asap hosting

BMoore wrote: If web hosts do not offer this type of service, perhaps its time they look into it. It's pretty rare that pure web hosts are wanted for high availability purposes.

Looking for asap hosting

Typically they are sold based on super low price so doing this would cut their feet out from under themselves. But more importantly, no one does pure HTML static sites today. Everyone wants sessions and database back ends and whatnot. This makes them application hosts, not pure web hosts. So then the problem becomes making your application HA and the host can't do that for you. I believe that Rackspace web hosting offers multi-regional options, but you still have to figure out how to make your specific application HA.

BMoore wrote: We are willing to pay for superior service. That's because conceptually that's what that market is. A drive to the bottom. Not that that is right, but if you study how web hosting is done on scale, it makes sense. For special situations, high performance, unique apps or high availability you would always go to another architecture.

Looking for asap hosting

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